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The core business of the company BV elektronik, s.r.o. is development and production of transformers, chokes and other inductive components for a wide range of industrial applications. The company also develops and produces special measurement systems and is active in other related fields.

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Sales department

Jakub Novák
+420 778 714 438

Purchase department

Martin Rola
+420 737 935 213

Bespoke production of transformers and other wound components.
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  • Quality guaranteed

    Our standard - high sustainable quality

    Worldwide export

    ISO 9001:2009 certification

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  • Protection chokes

    for compensation devices

    installed in front of capacitors

    for compensation of inductive reactive energy

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  • Compensation blocks

    for compensation devices

    complete set of choke and capacitor

    for compensation of inductive reactive energy

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  • Decompensation chokes

    for compensation devices

    application in solar technology

    for compensation of capacity reactive energy

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