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Tlumivka VF

Transformers and inductors for HF applications with operating frequency of approximately 10 to 200 kHz are a very popular product choice. They are manufactured according to designs prepared by us or by the customer. Their applications include various power supply devices with special integrated circuits. The most famous are manufactured by Philips (VIPER), ST, etc. We produce wound components for single-action (FLYBACK), permissive (FORWARD) and dual-action, resonating, quasi-resonating converters and their modifications.

Magnetic circuits typically use ferrite cores with mass parameters N48, N67, N87, N97 and others, which are suitable especially for high-output applications. For the most part, they are types ETD, Ul., EF, RM, EP, EFD, ELP, PQ, P or E.

A limitation for ferrite cores is the necessity to observe the Curie temperature, which lies in the vicinity of 180 °C. Based on our experience, we do not design HF components the operational temperature of which exceeds 100 °C. Ferrite cores with a gap may be replaced with iron powder toroidal cores.

Although the loss in iron powder toroids is approximately 10 times higher, they radiate thermal energy with their entire surface, which makes them equal to ferrite circuits with gaps. Especially if the mechanical components for removal of heat are well made, they are a very interesting commercial article. Our design experience prevents us from exceeding the operation temperature of 100 °C.

Inductors are manufactured to meet the needs of our customers. The choice of material of the magnetic circuit is optional as long as all permitted electrical parameters are fulfilled.

In the case of inductors and transformers for HF applications, the operating frequency lies in the range of 10 to 200 kHz. They are manufactured based on designs prepared by us or by the customer.

Transformers for HF applications represent a highly specific product group. Each designer of HF circuits has different requirements and also uses different excitation circuits. Unification in this range is very complicated. That is why we offer these components only upon request.

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