Distribuční olejové transformátory

Oil Distribution Hermetically Sealed Transformers

Range of Oil Distribution Hermetical Transformers with standard equipment forIndoor and Outdoor installation - transformers is filled with mineral oil. Winding Al or Cu, 50 Hz. HV Rated voltage 6 - 35 kV, Tapping’s ± 2 x 2,5 %, Cooling ONAN - The cooling is obtained by means of radiators or corrugated steel sheets. The tank is made of welded reinforced steel sheet, internally and externally painted with special epossidic enamel, corrosion proof.

Standard accessories:

Name plate, Earthing terminal, Lifthing lugs, Bidirectional rollers, Auxiliary terminal box.

According to customer requirement We can to offer transformers:

- with reduces losses

- filled with syntetic ecologic oil without of PCB substances

Тransformers produced according to norms: IEC 60076-13, ČSN EN 60076-13

Technical specifications

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