Distribuční suché transformátory

Dry Distribution Cast Resin Transformers

3-phase Dry Distribution Transformers for indoor instalation

Standard and reduced range Cast Resin Transformers, Rated voltage 6 - 35/0,4 - 0,42 kV, HV Tappings +/-2x2,5%, 50/60 Hz, Winding Al (or Cu), possibility of  LV terminals down or in the side, Connection Yzn1, Dyn1 (standard). Isolation class F, Enclosure IP00, IP23, IP 31 (indoor installation) too IP43,IP54 (outdoor  installation) Cooling AN ( Air Natural ), possibility too AN/AF

According to norms ČSN EN 60076-11, IEC 60076-11

Standard accessories:

Name plate, Earthing terminal, Lifting lugs, Bidirectional rollers, Auxiliary terminal box

Special accessories:

Temperature monitoring unit, Antishocking insulators, On the HV side overvoltageprotection (super voltage protectors /SVP/) for Rectifier Transformers

Technical specifications

Standard Losses

Temperature Monitoring Unit T-154

Reduced Losses   

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