1- and 3-Phases HV Dry Limiting Reactors (without Fe-core) for indoor installation

Production according to customer requirement.

Nominal current up to 4000 A, nominal voltage from 0,4 up to 35 kV, winding made from Al-sheet, Cooling AN (Air Natural)

Design: Reactors are manufactured in various configurations

1) vertically - 3 phases superimposed (between are insulators)

2) gradually - 1 phase above the other 2 phases, 1 phase separated

3) horizontally - 3 phases side-by-side

The main advantage:

Reactor´s dimensions - can be adapted by location reactors in areas with limited dimensions

Outlets positioning (X = 30°±180°) - according to customer demand

Reactors correspond to norms ČSN EN 60076-6, EN 60076-6.


They are designed for serial engagement in high voltage networks. Dry high-voltage limiting reactors are particularly used to reduce short-circuit current in order to prevent an increase in short-circuit currents to values dangerous for the device.

Technical specifications

Technical Dates /see Table - Choice/


1-Phase HV Dry Limiting Reactor without Fe-core1-Phase HV Dry Limiting Reactor without Fe-core1,7mH, 100 A, 6 kV, Class F, IP00, AN

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