Measuring transformers

Měřicí transformátor proudu

Low-voltage current measuring transformers are designed for applications in distribution equipment with rated currents up to do 3000 A. Transformers are manufactured to comply with ČSN 351360, ČSN EN 60044-1, DIN 42600, DIN 46277.

KAS type transformers are designed as slide-on units, KLW type features a thread.

The standard value of secondary current is 5 A (1 A upon the customer’s request) in accuracy classes 0.5 and 1 (0.2S; 0.2; 0.5S available upon request).

Basic classification of measuring transformers

  • Low-voltage – measurement of voltage

  • Low-voltage – measurement of current

  • Medium-voltage – measurement of voltage and current

  • Closed current probe with a Hall effect sensor

  • Equipment for measuring AC/DC current with a Hall effect sensor

  • Special sensors for AC voltage and current

Maximum operating voltage 720 V, testing voltage 3 kV, 50 Hz, I term=60xln, I dyn=150xln, temperature class “E”.

Secondary terminals are located under a transparent cover, i.e. the transformers may be sealed and are suitable for recording consumption of electricity, approved by the Czech Metrology Institute.

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