Toroidal transformers

Compared to traditional EI or M versions, toroidal transformers offer a number of advantages that have a positive effect on the quality of the final application.

Their typical applications include:

  • halogen lights and lighting equipment

  • swimming pool equipment

  • elevators

  • electronics, autiovisual devices

  • power supply devices

  • medical equipment

Toroid transformers have the following advantages:

  • interference of the primary and secondary current with low dispersion inductance

  • low noise level 50Hz

  • lower no-load current

  • design of power supply devices with low internal resistance

  • Optional number of terminals and independent windings

  • smaller size and lower weight

  • easier installation

Standard versions:

  • basic (5 - 4000VA)

  • mounting centre hole

  • drilled hole

  • brass thread

  • holder for DIN rail

Further design versions include:

  • for PCB (20 to 100VA)

  • embedded (5 to 600VA)

  • in installation box with IP56 protection (20 to 500VA)

  • in installation box with IP54 protection (50 to 900VA)

  • with IP68 protection (50 – 600VA)

  • Separating transformers 230V/230V in installation box (50 až 200VA)

  • 3-Phase toroidal transformers (200 to 2000VA)

Toroidal transformers may be secured with a melting or thermal fuse in a return or non-return design.

Application of NTC or PTC thermistors offers varialble thermal load capacity.

We also offer toroidal transformers wound from steel bands.

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